RIE Inspired Childcare in Coorparoo

Adeona Coorparoo Early Learning Centre is an established childcare centre in Brisbane with a long history of service to the community.

Located just outside the CBD, Adeona’s Coorparoo childcare centre is dedicated to providing a predictable, calm, and supportive space that allows children to learn and grow while fully immersed in play.

Consisting of two separate and age appropriate spaces that allow the children to explore and engage in the environment through our indoor-outdoor program, our younger community members are provided with a warm and nurturing space where our Educators are closely available for support and care as they begin their early childhood education journey. Our older children are provided with a large nature space that allows a lot of  freedom to fully embrace their individual learning needs and explore their identity as learners.

With native bees, composting, worm farms, garden beds, and lots of trees, there is always a project or adventures with which to be involved.

Adeona Coorparoo Early Childhood Education Centre Playground

Rooms & Age Groups

Green Tribe

6 weeks to 18 months
$137.00 per day

The Green Tribe offers a space where our youngest community members can safely engage in respectful interactions and enjoy a gentle flow to their day.

The primary caregiving in this environment allows our infants to develop secure attachments to their carers while feeling safe and nurtured at all times.


Purple Tribe

18 months to 2 years
$137.00 per day

The child’s first foray into the larger centre—Purple Tribe provides an environment where primary caregiving and secure attachments are key.

The Purple Tribe offers an environment where toddlers are encouraged to become confident explorers of the world while maintaining a safe base with their educators. 

This environment is purposefully designed for small groups of children to better foster and facilitate important relationships during these vital years.


Blue Tribe

2 years to 2.5 years
$137.00 per day

This room is full of exploration, schematic play and a busy community of children getting to know the world around them and their place in it.

The Blue Tribe is a dynamic environment for young children to develop life skills through a child led play based approach.


Red Tribe

2.5 years to 3.5 years
$132.00 per day

In the Pre-Kindy room children start the transition from primary care groups to social peer groups.

Our children in this room are becoming more engaged in group learning and expanding their dispositions for lifelong learning.  


Yellow Tribe

3.5 years to 5 years
$127.00 per day (Non-Kindergarten Funded: $132 per day)

Our Kindergarten, led by a Bachelor qualified Teacher, is a bustling room with play, project work and group engagement.

This room engages children in a curriculum that will help them develop social and emotional skills required in their final year before starting school. 

Reading time at Adeon'a Coorparoo childcare centre

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 7 am – 6 pm
Closed weekends and public holidays.



Each week our Spanish teacher at Adeona Coorparoo engages children in bilingual experiences.


Daily Inclusions


  • Delicious and nutritious morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas
  • Hats and sunscreen to ensure sun protection
  • Nappies are also included
Adeona Coorparoo Childcare Centre

Our centre is conveniently located within walking distance of Coorparoo station, and provides families onsite parking for easy drop off and pickup. Parents also have access to our parents’ retreat where they can unwind, catch up with other parents, or use the space to work.


Communication is key at Adeona Coorparoo. Information about the children’s day, photos, documentation, and discussions with Educators are shared through email or via the StoryPark app.

Information about the children’s day can also be viewed in your child’s room at the end of the day.

Adeona Mitchelton uses Storypark as one way to communicate with parents

Adeona Podcast

At Adeona we’re dedicated to providing families, parents and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to better understand and meaningfully engage with their children.

In the Adeona Family Podcast early childhood education meets practical parenting tips as Tracy and Zoe cover everything from childcare to childhood development, parenting and much more.

All of our podcast episode content comes as a result of real conversations with Adeona parents and caregivers. You can listen to An Early Childhood Journey anywhere you get podcasts or on our website.

An Adeona Family Podcast An Early Childhood Journey Banner


Book A Tour

Finding the perfect childcare centre that suits your family and your needs can be challenging. That’s why we encourage anyone considering becoming part of the Adeona community to come take a tour of our rie inspired childcare centre.

A tour of our Coorparoo-based daycare centre provides you with an opportunity to meet the centre director and educators, learn more about our approach to early childhood education and care, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask any questions to ensure Adeona Coorparoo is the right childcare centre for you.

Adeona Coorparoo

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