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An Adeona Family Podcast: An Early Childhood Journey

Episode 12: How To Navigate The Holidays With Children & Families

On this episode of the Adeona Family Podcast, Tracy and Zoe discuss how to navigate the holiday season with children and families, the importance of advocating for your child’s voice, passive toys, and how we can respect our children’s boundaries.

The holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to see loved ones, catch up with family and spend time with friends. That’s a lot of interactions and potential new faces for your child to take in.

The RIE perspective teaches us that in order for children to build strong positive relationships with people they need to have regular and consistent contact. This means that it’s normal for children to be apprehensive when meeting and greeting family members and friends – especially those they haven’t met before or those they haven’t seen in a while.

This holiday season it’s important to be mindful of how we approach gatherings, how we navigate our child’s relationships with family and friends, and remaining conscious of what it’s teaching them about consent and autonomy over themselves.

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