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An Adeona Family Podcast: An Early Childhood Journey

Episode 14: The Importance of Transitions in Early Childhood

When we’re in a new environment, we never feel as confident to be who we are. Oftentimes we feel nervous or feel like we lack a sense of belonging and as a result it can take us a while to warm up and engage in what’s going on.

That’s why when working with children during transitions, we want to ensure that period of change is as smooth and comfortable for them as possible, so they can feel a sense of belonging in their new environment. Our goal is to give children a sense of agency so they become confident contributors within their space.


What are transitions in childcare?

The physical movement from one space to another. This can be transitioning into care for the first time from the home environment, transitioning from one early childcare room up into the next room, as well as transitioning from early childhood education into school.


Why are transition times important in the early years?

Safely navigating transitions in the early years is crucial to a child’s healthy development and wellbeing and can lay the foundation for a future of learning and better outcomes. Likewise, children are able to grow, develop, and learn best when they are feeling safe, secure, and a sense of belonging.


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Adeona’s transition process, the resources we provide, and how we ensure both parent and child are comfortable
  • Transitions between rooms
  • Transitions from childcare to school environment & how we work with local schools to aid in that transition
  • Our approach to school readiness
  • How transition statements are prepared and how they work


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